Sunday, 23 November 2008

Filep Motwary!

Dear All!
When we started seaching for the designers that we would have in our store, Eugenia and myself were very anxious. We did not know if we found those designers that would fulfil our expectations of the style we wanted to express through our store! When time went by and after several hours searching in showrooms, those expectations have been fulfilled. Filep is definately on of them!!!!!!!!His unique point of view in style, his extra-ordinary shoes, his adorable personality and so many other characteristics, made him one of our favourites designers....
Below we present some images from his winter collection that you can find in our store.
Here is the attached press release:
For our Fall/winter 08/09 collection, we tried to translate the life and work of director/photographer Leni Riefenstahl, the woman who survived throughout different decades, world changes, movements and styles. Her work as well as her personal experiences were the key points for us when putting together what you are about to see.
Maria worked while having the definition for “repeat” as a task. Each of her pieces is a metaphor from a central idea which is solid and individual. The materials this time are only real pearls and chiffon velvet. There is a focus on the BAUHAUS era as well as the period when Leni spent some years in Africa studying the native tribes in the late 1960’s till the end of 1970’s. Mastori is impressed by the effect of the skin when tattooed with a razor blade, a method seen in Leni’s photographs.
Filep focused on Riefenstahl’s silhouette in the 1930’s and 1960’s: Chiffon velvet, satin, tulle and organza proved to be the perfect materials. The shoes are an exaggerated version of what this woman preferred to wear and you can see the exact adoption of the length and her general silhouette outline but also blinks coming directly from her stories.

Thank you Filep.......................

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