Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Mary wants a purple dress"

Dimitris Kaidantzis is the designer behind the firm “Mary wants a purple dress”. I met Dimitris at Katerina’s Alexandrakis showroom and I must admit that I fell in love with his unique clothes immediately! Dimitris designs unique pieces of clothing, which are made once! He wants every woman to feel unique when she wears them. I asked him why did he named his firm like that and he told me that it is a story and it goes like that:

I still remember that girl, running naked through the crowd in a very busy city.
Everybody was looking at her and she is anxious but not because of her nudity though…she seemed as she was looking for something.

And time flows like clouds…

She is away from the city now(still naked)
up to the sky
and down to earth again
with this wonderful smell of hers(like spring).
And the summer comes
and then fall
and winter
and spring again
and there she is finally staying still.
In the center of a big land of violets(purple violets everywhere)
where she lays down
facing the sky
feeling beautiful
as violets are covering her body.

And how wonderful everything is
now that Mary found her dress.

We adore Dimitris!!!!
Here are some photos of his unique clothes

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